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Stephanie Clark


School Director

Stephanie (photo: middle) begins her 8th year as Director of HPMS and her 22nd year with close ties to the school. She earned her Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) Primary Diploma from the Montessori Center of Minnesota and her M.Ed. from Loyola University in Maryland in 2005-06. Stephanie earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree from

Macalester College in 1988.

Like Daralyn and Sarah, Stephanie began her Montessori journey as a parent. The amazing experience her oldest son had at the school was enough to change the course of her own life. While her second son attended HPMS, Stephanie worked as an Assistant at the school and then took the primary training. Before returning “home” to HPMS, Stephanie worked as a Guide in three Montessori schools (with long commutes!) across the Twin Cities.

It is with deep appreciation for Wendy Warren, who taught and lead HPMS for over 35 years (and is our beloved sub-Guide), that Stephanie takes on her role at HPMS.

Jenny Olson

Children's House Guide

Jenny is in her 18th year at HPMS. She earned her Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) Primary  Diploma from the Montessori Center of Minnesota, and her M.Ed. from Loyola University in Maryland in 2003. Jenny earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Theater Arts from Mankato State University in 2001.

Jenny began her career at HPMS as an Assistant teacher, after which she took over as the Aftercare Program Guide. Jenny started as a Children’s House Guide in 2009, and continues in this role today.

Montessori teaching runs in Jenny’s family: she herself attended a Montessori school as a young child. Jenny’s mother was a Guide for over twenty years in St. Cloud, and her sister is a Primary Guide in California. Jenny has a wonderful rapport with the children and understands their needs.

Tina Ross

Children's House Assistant 

Tina is in her fifth year assisting in Jenny’s Children’s House. But, Tina spread her wings at HPMS much earlier as a student in Wendy’s classroom! After graduating, she continued with Montessori programs through third grade. Her two children, Will and Izzy, also attended HPMS. Tina enjoyed volunteering as a parent before joining the staff in 2015.


Tina received her Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology and Genetics from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, and she obtained her AMI Montessori Assistant Certificate in the summer of 2016.


Tina loves helping everyone at HPMS, and she especially enjoys watching children learn and grow. Tina loves reading, hiking, geocaching, and playing board games with her family.

Daralyn Sachs

Children's House Guide & Montessori-K Guide

Daralyn has had close ties to HPMS since her son Cooper enrolled in 2003, and  her son Miles started in 2009. In Miles's first year, Daralyn was The Art Lady, and in 2009 she began working as a trained Assistant.


Daralyn earned her AMI Primary Diploma from the Montessori Center of Minnesota in 2016, and her AMI Assistants Certification in 2014. Daralyn graduated in 1993 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration and Two Dimensional Studio Art from the University of St. Thomas.


In the fall of 2016, Daralyn had the opportunity to work with Gaby's children and found the experience incredibly rewarding. Upon Gaby's retirement (after 25 years at HPMS), Daralyn confidently stepped into her new role as Children's House Guide. 


Krystle Meehan

Children's House Assistant 

This is Krystle’s second year assisting Daralyn in Children’s House. In addition to gaining a greater appreciation for Montessori she has thoroughly enjoyed watching the students transform into independent amazing individuals. Krystle has 2 daughters, Hadley and Evelyn (a graduate of HPMS) and in her free time she is busy taking care of her mini farm which includes 5 chickens, 2 rats and 3 dogs.

Sarah Terrell

Toddler Community Guide

Sarah discovered HPMS while working as a nanny for two girls who were attending the school. The more Sarah became acquainted with the staff, the method, and the children, the more she wanted HPMS to be a part of her own child’s life. When Sarah was three months pregnant with her daughter, Sarah put her on the waiting list to enroll at HPMS. In 2004, Sarah’s daughter began HPMS, and Sarah joined the school community as a volunteer.


Before joining HPMS, Sarah was a nanny for ten years. In 2006, after volunteering for several years, she joined the HPMS staff as an Assistant. She soon became the Afternoon Care Guide. In 2014, Sarah took on her current role of Toddler Community Guide.


Sarah earned her AMI Assistants to Infancy diploma in 2014, and her AMI Primary diploma in 2009. 

Kathryn Vanney

Toddler Community Assistant

Kathryn has an AMI Primary Diploma (ages 3-6) from the Montessori Center of Minnesota. She's so excited to work with and learn from the younger ones. Toddlers are so fascinating!

Katnryn is fully proficient in Spanish and has experience working with elementary-aged children as a translator and a teacher.

She has a B.A in Anthropology from Grinnell College.

Ivy Vang

Toddler Community Assistant

Ivy Vang

IMG_8884 (1).JPG

Ivy Vang

Toddler Community Assistant

What brought me to HPMS was how different it was compared to my experiences working in other childcare settings. Before HPMS, I had worked at two other centers that followed curriculums very different from Montessori. I was drawn to HPMS because of the school environment, the curriculum, the teachers, and the children. There seems to be a deep understanding and respect for the independence of children. They are learning for themselves while we guide them as teachers. 


I currently have a diploma for Early Childhood Education from Saint Paul College, and have recently gotten my certificate in Assistance to Infancy through the AMI 0-3 Orientation Course.

Some of my hobbies include singing, reading, cooking, playing video games, and creating art. I also come from a big family of 10, being the second eldest, so I have been caring for children from a young age. 

Nanette Nagel

Afternoon Program Guide

Nanette is in her fourth year as the Afternoon Program Guide. Nanette has been learning about, and working with, young children most of her life. She has worked in Montessori environments, at a children's farm school, and as a toddler teacher before joining our staff in 2014.


As the Afternoon Program Guide, Nanette has created a warm and beautiful environment in which children can explore arts and crafts, a library, building blocks, puzzles, games and cards, trains, and practical life activities. The children learn songs to sing and songs to sign. She provides a loving and nurturing environment for the children in her care. 


Nanette earned her AMI Assistants Training Certificate in 2005. Nanette holds a bachelors degree in Sociology and Criminal Justice and, before, was a Saint Paul Police Officer for eight years. 


Nanette loves cooking, gardening, and flea marketing.

Sonja Frogner

Morning Montessori & Afternoon Care Assistant

Sonja grew up in Rochester, Minnesota. She studied cello and piano through high school. In 2009, she graduated from Wellesley College (near Boston) with a B.A. in Studio Art. After graduation, Sonja moved to Saint Paul.


While volunteering in Early Childhood Education classes, Sonja discovered what a delight it is to work with children. She then received her AMI Montessori Assistant Certificate in 2014. Before joining the HPMS community in 2017, Sonja gained four years of experience assisting in Montessori schools.


In her free time, Sonja enjoys running, reading, going to art museums, traveling, trying new restaurants and movies, and playing her cello and ukulele. She is enjoying getting to know all of the children in her classroom.

Jenna Hartelt

Jenna assists the Children’s House and Afternoon Care staff. She works with the children in Early and Afternoon care. She supervises children in the hallway and outside.Jenna has worked with toddlers and preschoolers for many years and in
many roles: co-teacher, assistant, and as a paraprofessional at New Discoveries Montessori Academy in Hutchinson, her hometown.

She has a B.A. in English Literature from the University of Minnesota –Morris.

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