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REVISED 12/19/22 - most recent update



Positive case in the school: 

  • Person who tests positive -10-day isolation from onset of symptoms

  • CDC has removed the recommendation to quarantine, except in high-risk congregate settings. HPMS is following the CDC’s guideline, and we will no longer require a 7 day quarantine. *

  • Universal Masking in the school for 10 days following a positive case.


*HPMS reserves the right to reinstate the 7-day quarantine should it be warranted.



Masks - Choice when CDC level in Ramsey County is LOW:  Toddler & Children's House families choose whether their child wears a mask. Staff have that choice as well. 

Universal Masking will take place when:

  • Medium and High Levels in Ramsey County

  • High level in one or more surrounding counties: Dakota, Hennepin, Washington


Testing required if:

  • HPMS follows the MDH Testing Recommendations (attached);

  • a family travels;

  • any family member is symptomatic: (fever (but not always), runny nose, coughing, sore throat, headaches, muscle pain and fatigue). Test even if you have been vaccinated and/or had a prior COVID-19 infection;

  • after holiday breaks (spring break, summer break, etc); 

  • Refer to the MDH testing recommendations for a full list.

(HPMS has a supply of at-home tests to give families if needed)


We will continue temperature screening at drop-off. 


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